Research Topic Diving

The world that we live in today is dramatically different from the world just a few years ago.  The use of technology both privately and publicly has seen a huge surge.  With this upsurge, there have some ethical questions that have arisen when information shared privately becomes public knowledge.  On some occasions, there has been adverse effects on some educators public status and this issue demands further exploration.  As I begin my research on this topic, I wanted to look at specific sites to determine how much the general public is using technology.  Please click on the attached link— for some eye-opening data:)


2 thoughts on “Research Topic Diving

  1. Another great post. This time, though, the link doesn’t go to the article that I think you were intending. You need to open the article all the way up in the original web site that it came from and then copy/paste that link. You can feel free to edit this post and re-publish it with the real link.


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