Dealing w/Technology Stress

Yesterday evening after our wonderful online doctoral course—a quiet noise of stress started to devour me.  I am not a reluctant user of technology (not at all) but I am slightly reluctant about the interactive piece portion of technology—specifically “BLOGGING”.  As I was beginning to arrange in my head how I was going to conquer this Herculean effort, a quiet buzz, known as stress started to build in me.  Thankfully, I have Feedly which led me this wonderful TED video on Stress… Enjoy:)


2 thoughts on “Dealing w/Technology Stress

  1. Great post Nnenna. Levitin was not afraid to admit he has organizational problems that he is working on little by little. I am going to try finding a place to put all of the things I commonly misplace. I hope I don’t forget where I put the place.


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