PKM Find

One of the best articles, I read this week as I swooped through the PKM journey this week.  I would like to be able use technology more collaboratively.


4 thoughts on “PKM Find

  1. That was a really informative article Nnenna. My research paper topic is technology use with special education students and this article was a good resource. I do believe technology should be a part of a student’s educational experience. We are living in a time when the teacher lecture-students take notes style of instruction is no longer as relatable as it used to be, We have way more options now to engage our students who have been raised on technology. Incorporating technology into the curriculum is motivating to students and if used correctly, can change the way students learn and collaborate with each other.


  2. Great read Nnenna! This article reminds me of my two teenage boys. They are so engaged in learning…outside of school. My youngest knows everything about tropical fish and planets, and connects with peers across the world to play Mindcraft. My oldest teaches himself how to play the ukulele watching videos and now creates his own videos to teach others. Teachers MUST embrace digital learning as a part of their pedagogy. EDD 703 has made me appreciate how classroom technology can be used not just to replicate a worksheet or quiz on a screen, but to connect children to their passions and each other.


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