The Struggle

I never considered myself to be technologically static— on the contrary, I used to think of myself as someone that I was fluid and open to implementing these new “space like” tools.  What I have found as I have engaged in PKM journey is that I am more of an observer—I am stuck in a rut!  I struggle with applying and using some of these amazing tools that I am learning about.  Last night’s presentation was particularly eye opening for me.  I ended up making two presentations—my first one was done in the old fashioned way that I was used to with lots of words— and the second with more visuals and still some words.  I think the words give me some kind of security:( After watching the presentation of my peers, I was particularly impressed with their presentations—ALL OF THEM:) and I wish I could redo my presentation.  I think I get it now.  I had an AHA moment.  I know my material and I don’t need the words on the page.  I want the attention of my audience on what I am presenting not reading.  I am getting it!  The struggle is REAL but I feel myself growing because I have pushed off my equilibrium.


3 thoughts on “The Struggle

  1. Teresa and I were had a similar conversation with each other after the class presentations. We felts we all did a better job with less words and more visuals. However, Teresa and I both felt we could improve on our presentation skills. We pondered if it was because the screen didn’t provide the feel of a live audience. For me, I fell back on the security of index cards and felt like my presentation was stiff. Not at all like an engaging Ted Talk. I suppose like most things, presentations take practice. Lots and lots of practice. We’ll get there. Go 32.5!!


  2. It is hard to break old habits. I always thought that I was on the forefront of technology. With the rapid pace of new technologies it is so hard to keep up. Nnenna, you are doing a great job!


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